Elite Endurance - Arctic Cocoa Raspberry Flavor

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U.S. Patent No. 9,980,997 formulation for athletic performance!

Finally an all natural endurance drink made with real ingredients. No sulfites, no citrates, no preservatives added.  

Based on cocoa flavanols which are meant to provide an athletic advantage by utilizing our "patented" formulation.

We then added a second secret ingredient, our specially developed Arctic Blast flavoring agent. It's a natural plant based flavor, which further provides an added athletic benefit and has a great minty punch and bang. This refreshing taste is meant to fuel your performance during any activity, whether it's a long hiking adventure or grueling through your triathlon.

The carbohydrates we utilize are based on two natural organic sugars. An organic coconut sugar, which has a lower glycemic index and a organic cane sugar. The coconut sugar delivers a dose of amino acids which provide benefits during exercise. 

For some additional electrolytes we use the finest Himalayan Salt. This salt also provides additional trace minerals. Consequently, we do not need to spike the product with chemicals to obtain additional elements.

Our current Elite Endurance products  are offered in the following flavors:

  • Arctic Blast - Our extra-strength minty chocolate flavor 
  • Arctic Cocoa Raspberry - Raspberry flavor with a hint of mint and cocoa
  • Arctic Cocoa Banana - Banana flavor with a hint of mint and cocoa
  • Arctic Cocoa Coconut - Coconut flavor with a hint of mint and cocoa

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Customer Reviews
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    William K.
    Stunning pleasant surprise

    Your Elite Endurance product has become my go to drink for longer distance/time workouts. It is different from the others in that is really doesn't have the "sweet" taste yet is easy to drink during activity without any stomach distress. Still exploring which flavor I like best.

    Cocoa Elite

    Thank you for the 5 star review. We understand how picking your favorite is difficult with 4 great flavors to pick from.

    Theresa F.
    Perfect in its simplicity

    This has been perfect fuel for cycling; right balance of electrolytes and fuel made from simple ingredients that settled well and kept me going. The raspberry is my favorite but enjoy all the flavors. The extra-mintiness of the Arctic Blast gives a kick-start in itself; love how it makes you feel like you can breathe better.

    Cocoa Elite

    Thanks Theresa. Simple, natural ingredients with a kick of mint. Happy to provide the boost for your cycling.

    Yateesh M.

    I tried the single serve pack of Arctic Blast Elite Endurance before my run. I tried this pack an hour and half before my run. Never felt the need for any kind of electrolyte on the run and also felt a fresh boost of energy on the run. Felt like i could keep going for another 2-3 miles after finishing off my 5 mile run, if not for the darkness I would've kept going. Thank you for a

    Cocoa Elite

    Thank you Yateesh. We love the great review. Thank you and your friend Julie for spreading the word about our amazing products.

    Felt like the star of my spin class :)

    I am usually a bit sluggish during my early morning spin classes. Knowing that elite endurance has minimal calories and of course minimal ingredients, I decided to give it a try. The class was especially high energy with sprints and fast cadence yet I felt so strong and so energized! Each sip felt like a delicious, refreshing treat too. :). Thank you, cocoa elite!!

    Cocoa Elite

    Thank you Julie. Happy to hear the Elite Endurance was delicious and that you felt strong and energized for spin class.

    clean taste on a long ride

    I went out and rode for 50 miles last weekend, and right as I started getting grumpy (and very tired), I reached for my bottle of Arctic banana. Immediate thoughts: Being used to the taste of gatorade or gu, I was very delighted to have something with a "clean" taste. My teeth did not feel awful for the rest of the ride probably due to the actually natural ingredients. The arctic chill was also pretty great. If felt like I could breathe even deeper than I could before. After slowly drinking this throughout the ride, I never had an urge to reach for my gels or bars. My only regret is that I didn't put it in my other bottle as well!

    Cocoa Elite

    Thanks Brendan. All natural, clean taste and helped you get through your ride....perfect.