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U.S. Patent No. 9,980,997 formulation for athletic performance!

Today is the day you trade “grainy and chalky” for the extraordinary taste and benefits of Cocoa Elite’s Complete Body Vegan Protein.  With every serving, you gain a healthy and delicious energy boost that helps you recover from any workout, vigorous or light.

We know finding a natural source of vegan protein is important to you.  That is why our special “patented” formulation delivers 400 MG of Cocoa flavanols, has no additives or preservatives, only natural ingredients, and a rich peanut chocolate taste. 

Bad tasting protein powder is a thing of the past. From now on, when you think of plant based proteins, think cocoa!  At Cocoa Elite™, our naturally delicious vegan powder is becoming a stand-out favorite of those who demand more.

The flavanols present in cocoa have been shown to support the healthy circulation of nutrients and oxygen to the body.**  Add to that the knowledge that our special cocoa bean handling process preserves more of the cocoa flavanols usually lost to cocoa processing, and you begin to understand the power of Cocoa Elite’s Complete Body Vegan Protein.

Say goodbye to those gritty and bland protein powders forever. Now you can boost your workout recovery with 400 MG of cocoa flavanols, iron, calcium, potassium, and more.  No other vegan protein powder can match cocoa’s health benefits while tasting so great!

Single Serve Pouch

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    Customer Reviews
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      Sara P.
      Great tasting vegan protein!

      I've been a vegetarian for 12 years, and finding vegan protein supplements that don't taste like peas or artificial flavors is a challenge. Usually I end up having to disguise them just to make the flavor palatable. Cocoa Elite Complete Body Vegan Protein is the best tasting vegan protein supplement I have ever found. It provides the right macronutrient balance for recovery and performance without being overly sweet and is satisfying enough to replace the occasional meal for the athlete on the go. I would recommend this to even non-vegan athletes. What's better than a healthy sports nutrition option that tastes like a peanut butter cup?

      Cocoa Elite

      Great Tasting and Vegan and don't forget all natural with over 400 mg of Flavanols per serving.

      Bill W.
      Candy Lovers rejoice!

      Having tried several protein powders over the years I have finally found a non-dairy product that doesn't cause GI distress. Having just a smoothie for lunch keeps me satisfied until my next meal. Then to top it off the peanut butter/chocolate flavor is a peanut-butter cup lover's dream!

      Cocoa Elite

      Thanks Bill, not only is this a chocolate peanut butter dream it is also good for you.

      Stephen N.
      Love at first lick

      I've very particular about what I put in my body, and plant-based proteins are by far my preference. As a chocolate-lover, this is a winner, hands-down. The chocolate and peanut butter flavors are tasty and distinct, without leaving any lingering after-taste, and I feel replenished on my way to recovery.

      Cocoa Elite

      We are glad that you thoroughly enjoyed our products. Thanks for such kind words.

      Plant-based recovery

      “Cocoa Elite offers several healthy, plant-based recovery options for athletes, with characteristics backed by evidence. If you want to put something natural into your body to speed recovery, increase circulation of vital macro and micro nutrients, and include new flavors to your palate, Cocoa Elite would be a solid choice” –Ian Cramer, Plant-Based Cyclist

      Cocoa Elite

      Thank you for providing a review about our newest product.

      Kelly P.
      SO GOOD!

      This product is amazing! I am an avid endurance athlete with several unfortunate dietary restrictions. I have been searching for years for a non-dairy protein powder that tastes good! The Cocoa Elite Vegan Protein blew my mind! It tastes delicious and has the nutrition to help me recover properly from long bike rides, runs, and swims. Usually products that have Stevia in them taste way too much like stevia, but I cannot even detect it in this product. I will definitely be ordering more of this!

      Cocoa Elite

      Thank you Kelly. We agree on the Stevia. One of our goals was to use just enough for a little sweetness, but not enough for that harsh after taste. Our goal for all our products is great taste and 400mg of Flavanols per serving.