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Unsweetened Cocoa

10 reviews

How can Cocoa Elite’s Unsweetened Cocoa enhance your life?  Simply by adding the power of cocoa flavanols to your daily routine. 

Just stir one scoop of unsweetened cocoa into a beverage of your choice, mix it with your morning yogurt or oatmeal, or try a coffee mocha. You’ll find the results extraordinary. We deliver a high-quality cocoa rich in antioxidants and cocoa flavanols. 

Experience the benefits of cocoa like never before.  

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Customer Reviews
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    Michelle S.
    United States United States

    Cocoa Elite powder - personal experience

    I like this product very much, though I confess that it is impossible to say that it has enhanced my fitness. One area to work on is the closure, a sturdy ziplock. The usual daily dosage results in a +30 day supply for me, and the closure usually fails before then. When that happens, I fold the bag over and put it in a ziplock. No biggie.


    Cocoa Elite

    We appreciate your review. There are many studies which show that high flavanol cocoa powder does improve your bodies circulatory system which in turn should aid in athletic performance and recovery. Please reference; Our website is another great resource under "What is a Flavanol". We will bring your zipper issue up to our supplier. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    Terry Y.
    United States United States

    Unsweetened cocoa powder

    I enjoy adding the unsweetened cocoa powder to my oatmeal every morning.


    Cocoa Elite

    That's a healthy and tasty breakfast. Thanks for sharing


    One yummy Cocoa

    I drink one cup of hot chocolate daily, so I was thrilled to see that CocoaElite has their own Cocoa!! I first tried one tablespoon in my normal Cocoa- the flavor deepened with dark chocolate- so nice. I then made no bake cookies- with CocoaElite Cocoa, oatmeal, peanut butter, and coconut oil. Double yum- the cookies had a deeper taste and dense nutrition. Hooked. I have thus added CocoaElite Cocoa to my daily performance routine of nutrition-I add one tablespoon to my post workout shake and one tablespoon to my nightly Cocoa. Thank you for a splendid product to enhance my athletic needs!

    Cocoa Elite

    Yummy we agree. Healthy for you too with 400mg of Flavanols per serving.


    Great addition to the endurance athlete's routine!

    I work with pro cyclists and endurance athletes in my job, and I'm constantly looking for products to give my clients a competitive edge. I'm impressed with the research on cocoa flavanols enriching everything from circulatory function to cognition, and Cocoa Elite is a superior product to deliver these benefits. I drink it in my morning espresso; it's the best mocha I have ever tasted, hands down! I've noticed that my blood pressure has been consistently lower and my heart rate during exercise isn't spiking as high during tempo workouts. I would recommend it to anyone seeking a delicious, easy, and effective method of adding flavanols to a healthy diet.



    I was out of cocoa powder and used this on my standard tiramisu recipe. Now, I don't know that it was the Cocoa Elite, but every person who tried that batch of tiramisu either asked for the recipe or demanded to know why it was so much better than normal. Thanks CE!

    Cocoa Elite

    Your quite welcome, please visit our news section and search or additional recipes!